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media diary: november '23

  Media Diary:   November 2023 This month was emotionally unsettling. Lots of weird things happened, and lots of cool things happened. I submitted 4 (5?) applications to MFAs, visited a few workshops/seminars, and wrote a mere three poems. I teetered on the edge of complete and utter burnout. I am exhausted. I want so much. I feel so much.  Didn't listen to any albums on my to-listen list, but I did read a bunch. I returned to bell hooks and I returned to manifestation frequencies and I returned to cold, leather-jacket walks to the library. I made a big pile of books on my desk, so it looks like a fortress. By the end of November, I was crying less (a miracle). My students made me laugh more often, and I let myself lean on mantras that I bashed for years ("Whatever's meant to be will be"; "Everything is temporary").  Books: Paula  by Isabel Allende Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides Prime of Life by Simone de Beauvoir* The Dutch House by Ann Patchett Breakfast o

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